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Matherix 3Dify v0.5 Installation in Windows 7

Installation of Matherix 3Dify in Windows 7 is pretty straight forward.  All the required components are part of a single setup file of about 50MB. Matherix 3Dify, apart from itself, also installs OpenNI , PrimeSense drivers for Kinect and Visual Studio 2008 re-distributable. If you have one or more components already installed on your system, you can cancel the setup for that component. The video below shows a typical installation process.

Once the installation is finished, check out this video below on how-to connect Kinect and check if it working properly before you continue on to using Matherix 3Dify.


A 3 minute pitch

Matherix 3Dify

Matherix 3Dify is a desktop software to help artists/designers quickly build high quality 3D models of real world objects by simply scanning them using Kinect. Check out our website for more info: