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Launching private beta

by on March 1, 2012

We are launching our second stage of Private-beta to a limited number(about 100) of users from today. We are looking for enthusiastic users to try our product in various scenarios and help us improve it. System and accessory requirements are as follows:

System Configuration: Intel Core2Duo (or) above with at least 2GB of RAM.
Operating System: Windows 7. Please try it if you have Windows XP or above.
Accessory: Kinect for XBOX.

Your feedback as early users will help us a lot in improving Matherix 3Dify in future releases. If you are interested, please fill this form. You will receive a copy of Matherix 3Dify v0.5 (private-beta) in your inbox. We will be rolling it out slowly, fixing bugs on the way. So, please be patient as we send you a copy of Matheirx 3Dify.
Please check our tutorials on how to get started.

Happy 3Difying

~Matherix team


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  1. Harry permalink

    Dude… Windows? 😦 Not in linux…. X|

  2. Richard Beck permalink

    I should receive my Kinect at the end of this week or early next week and will report my feedback

  3. I’m testing the 5.1 version with windows 7 x64. often it crash without any message. Now i will try with x32 system and i will tel you the resultis. Some note: ic could be funtionally userful a non rectangle selector. It could be interesting exporting the mesh (obj) witha color map based on the point cluster colors.
    Great job !

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