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Workflow Stage 2: Alignment

by on February 28, 2012

This is one of the most crucial stages of 3Dify.  In this stage, 3Dify aligns the captured data frames into a single model.  Chek out this video-tutorial for more info.

Some of the good practices for Alignment stage are as follows:

1> Choose start and end frames well

While choosing start and end frames, only select that region of the data you captured in which the subject  is stationary. Any movement will greatly hinder alignment. Any area out of start and end indices will simply be ignored from processing.  Also, make sure you avoid any frames where the subject is out of the capturing region either beacuse you have moved too close or too far from the subject.

2> Setting the interval

The default value of interval is 10. Interval, in alignment stage, is the maximum number of frames 3Dify would jump to look for alignment. So, if you moved slowly enough while capturing and want faster results, you may increase it to 20. If your Start-Index and End-Index differ by more than 1000 frames, you may choose to increase the interval for faster processing. If  3Dify failed to process the data when you tried it earlier, simply set the interval to a lower value like 3 or 5. This will slow down 3Dify but could result in more accuracy in the final model. So interval is a trade-off between speed and accuracy.

~Matherix team


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